Drive calls and emails

Paid search is the fastest and most reliable way to drive calls and emails. But mastering Google is no simple matter. We’ve assembled the technology, expertise and manpower that will enable you to acquire new customers smartly. 

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Search campaigns succeed or fail with the selection of the right keywords. Based on our exposure to thousands of businesses similar to yours, we’ll help you target the words and phrases consumers are typing into their search queries when they are looking for the goods and services you offer. We’ll then “blow out” your keyword list by creating thousands of alternative keyword phrases based on our proprietary geo-taxonomy (long lists of every town, village and neighborhood in your region.) The fact is that it is actually these geo-modified keywords that deliver the most cost effective leads time after time.

Landing pages

Landing pages


Believe it or not, each ad group also needs its own distinct landing page. The reason is that Google favors ads that are aligned with the content on the destination page (the page on which the user lands after they click your ad.)  When you purchase paid search in combination with our online presence program, we will create both web and mobile optimized landing pages using responsive technology so that users have a great experience from any device. For stand alone search programs, we’ll work within the confines of your existing sites to make sure that we reach alignment among your keywords, ad copy and landing pages.  

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Mobile first focus


Sometime this year, the number of searches from mobile devices will exceed the number of desktop searches, according to Google. Perhaps more importantly, research shows that mobile searches are nearly 8 times more likely to result in a phone call.  As a result, in our paid search activities, mobile figures prominently at every step. From keyword selection, to landing page and website design, we make sure your campaign is optimized to attract and convert mobile consumers.  

Bid Management

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Real time bidding

Search engines are open auctions, with complex rules that are far from transparent. In managing bids, we deploy hard earned expertise and powerful real time bidding technology designed to optimize campaigns for the best possible results. 

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Calls & Emails

For most clients we use our bid optimization tools to favor keywords that create the most phone calls and emails. To achieve call optimized campaigns, we actually time and date stamp every click and separately track every call. Our systems then in real time match the calls with the clicks and take actions in favor of the keywords that are generating the most calls. 

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We can also set a campaign to optimize for traffic. For click optimization, we use a different keyword strategy, including more "long tail" terms and we prioritize bid levels according to a different algorithm.