Dominate locally through premium SEO

Of course, everyone wants to rank on the first page of Google. We have a program designed to achieve outstanding results. But you need to be realistic about the time and effort required. 




Today, the heart and soul of SEO are quality links to your site. These links represent relevance and they convey trust. These are the two primary factors Google considers in deciding what content appears top in its organic search results. 




There is no short cuts to getting valuable links.That’s why our SEO activities center upon efficient creation of authentic content. For each client, we commission talented professionals to write articles and blogs, write about tips and tricks, and deliver breaking news.

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Video SEO


Video SEO can make its own contribution. We leverage stock photo and film libraries to create unique videos that score strongly in search rankings. Syndication to You Tube and other video sharing sites is also a core competency.




The corner stone of our solution is a proprietary methodology that analyses a website and its competitors and defines the type of work most likely to optimize search rankings. With this routine we figure out each month where to spend the available budget

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Landing Pages


Creating separate web pages featuring specific products or services and targeting specific geographic areas can also be highly effective. We’ll create content like this and work rigorously to craft proper titles and tags, both of which are instrumental in gaining high search ranking.




After producing content, you need to cause other sites to take notice, to include links to your sites in their sites. That is why we enlist a large network  and social media to make sure our content finds exposure across the web. All efforts conform to Google’s best practice guidelines.

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Photo SEO


Photo SEO is a new discipline, but we are learning quickly. We’ll supplement our text and video content creation with photo collections. And we’ll make sure these photos are used to the fullest potential. 




Premium SEO programs include clear reporting. You’ll see the specific activities under taken each month including links to articles and blog posts made on your behalf. You'll also see clearly the results we are getting for each of the core keywords that define your business.