Spotzer Media acquires paid search platform from Akesios

Ground Breaking Combination of Bid Management Technology and Creative. Services Promises to Deliver More Calls to Small Businesses.

Amsterdam  (July 12, 2013) –  Spotzer Media (, a technology powered agency that provides full service digital marketing solutions to 65,000 small businesses in 16 countries, today announced it has acquired an innovative platform that optimizes paid search advertising campaigns to get more phone calls for local advertisers.  The seller is Reading UK based Akesios Search Analytics Limited, whose clients include Skype as well as some of the largest Yellow Page publishers around the world.

The innovative platform, which Spotzer has been using as a client since February, features proprietary technology that matches every phone call with the keyword that generated the click.  Algorithms then optimize campaigns to favor the keywords that result in the most calls.

Together with active bid management powered by this technology, Spotzer provides small business clients full service design and creation of landing pages as well as a performance optimized website. Landing pages and the site are made using responsive technology so that they look great and function well on computers, tablets and mobile phones.


“Small businesses seeking new customers have a tremendous dependency on paid search,” said Spotzer founder and CEO Andrew D. Klein.  “But current solutions simply manage campaigns to deliver traffic to websites at the lowest cost per click.  These solutions miss the critical point – local businesses benefit from calls, not clicks.”

“By contrast, we are using this technology – known as the Ad-Direction platform – to optimize campaigns in favor of the keywords that drive the most calls,” added Steven van Randwijck, Chief Commercial Officer.  “And we are building engaging, content rich and mobile optimized landing pages that are designed to convert every visitor into a call.  We believe our campaigns yield 100% more calls compared to traditionally managed campaigns.”

“The technology essentially captures each and every click across computer and mobile devices – time and date stamped with a reference to the key word that generated the click,” added Kristy Fenton, head of products and platforms at Spotzer.  “We then use call tracking software to capture every call.  The system then matches each call to a click.  Bid management rules in real time put more money against the keywords and devices that are generating the most calls.”

“Most small businesses point their paid search ads to the home page of their primary website – which generally is not well designed to drive conversion and rarely optimized for mobile users,” continued Akesios co-founder and CEO Ben Barney.  “By contrast, Spotzer’s powerful content creation capabilities enable them to work with even the smallest clients to design and build distinct product specific, mobile optimized landing pages featuring a compelling offer and strong unique selling points.  They also build a mobile optimized website because most searchers are looking for more information before they are ready to call.”

“The Spotzer services combined with our highly effective bid management technology developed over many years,” continued Barney, “represent a truly game changing capability – simply a better way to drive leads for small businesses. By bringing the software under Spotzer’s ownership, we see tremendous opportunities for seamless integration, scale and further innovation.”

Terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.


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Spotzer Media Group ( provides online marketing services to small and local businesses. The company’s services include building and maintaining online presence across the web, mobile and social media, managing paid search, social media and SEO campaigns and producing and syndicating videos.  Based in Amsterdam and with offices in Denver and Melbourne, the technology powered agency serves more than 65,000 satisfied advertisers in 16 countries.  Spotzer was founded in 2006 by serial Internet entrepreneur Andrew D. Klein and is backed by venture capital investors, including Sierra Ventures, Cyrte Investments and SV Angel (Ron Conway).


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Akesios Search Analytics Limited ( are specialist technology providers of leads-based products for SMBs. The Akesios technologies allow publishers and media companies across the globe to implement, manage and report on lead generation programs.  Founded in 2005, Akesios are Skype’s operations partner to onboard and manage the fulfillment of Skype’s innovative Click to Call advertising program.  With deep rooted expertise in local advertising solutions and cutting-edge engineering know how, Akesios also delivers custom projects and products for leading yellow page publishers and media companies.