Spotzer Media to raise capital publicly under new Jobs Act

Novel offering under recently enacted Rule 506(c) literally launches on stage during CrowdFinance2013 in New York City.

By offering private investors 2x Preferred Stock through general solicitation, serial entrepreneur and Wit Capital founder Andrew D. Klein blazes new path to growth capital for venture-backed companies

New York City (December 17, 2013) Spotzer Media Group, a technology powered business that provides digital marketing platforms and services to 65,000 small advertisers in 16 countries, today launched a novel stock offering under the recently enacted Jobs Act. 

The offering was literally kicked-off live on stage during New York's largest crowd funding conference, CrowdFinance 2013, which was held today at Thomson Reuters.

Now available online at, the offering stands out in terms of both form and substance.

The stock is being promoted through this press release, the company’s website and social media, all activities previously unlawful in the context of a private placement – until September of this year when Rule 506 (c) under the Jobs Act went into effect. 

The company, which this year has €6 million of revenue, is cash flow positive and has been backed by more than 20 million of institutional venture capital, is offering private investors a senior preferred return – designed for families and high net worth individuals intent to make a more limited but less risky return compared to traditional early stage investing.

“That I can today freely write this press release, post video on my website, and send messages through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media is a truly remarkable advance for all companies seeking to secure capital,” said Spotzer founder and CEO Andrew D. Klein.  “Though we are still required to limit sales to Accredited Investors (aka “wealthy” people), our capacity to reach investors through a PIPR (Private Issuer Publicly Raising) is simply unprecedented.”

“Having means to reach private investors, however, is only part of the battle,” continued Klein, who previously engineered the world’s first Internet IPO for his microbrewery Spring Street Brewing back in 1995 – before going on to found the first internet investment bank, Wit Capital, in 1996.  “For this reason we wanted to craft an innovative offering that would appeal to Accredited Investors.”

Klein, who also co-founded the $8 billion alternative asset manager SkyBridge Capital, continued:  “With public equity markets facing uncertain times, and bonds promising little interest, family offices and high net worth individuals have a large appetite for opportunities delivering strong returns with limited downside risk. As a result, we are offering a security that upon redemption or sale of the company will pay a preferred return – the greater of 2x and a 30 percent IRR – before any distribution is made to other shareholders.”

“This unique structure suits our current shareholders who see the new funds enabling us to accelerate revenue growth and further develop our platforms. Already on a path to a successful exit, it is our view we will greatly increase value upon exit over the next 12 to 24 months.  By limiting the return to new investors, we get to keep more of that future value.”

“The investors, on the other hand, don’t need to buy into our enthusiasm or risk that they improperly value our shares today. Rather, the new investors simply need to get comfortable that we will sell the business for at least two times the amount of their investment.  If that is the case then they will enjoy the full benefit promised by these securities.”


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Spotzer Media Group ( provides digital marketing platforms and services to small and local businesses. The company builds and maintains online presence across the web, mobile and social media, manages paid search and SEO campaigns, and produces and syndicates videos.  Based in Amsterdam and with offices in Denver and Melbourne, the technology powered group serves more than 65,000 satisfied advertisers in 16 countries.  Spotzer was founded in 2006 by serial internet entrepreneur Andrew D. Klein and is backed by venture capital investors, including Sierra Ventures, Cyrte Investments and SV Angel (Ron Conway).